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Jibwis Nigeria Administrative Panel

About Jibwis

BULLETS: Creation/Objectives of JIBWIS - JIBWIS was Established in 1978. - Late Alh. Musa Maigandu Muhammad was first Chairman. - Late Sheikh Alhaji Abubakar Mahmud Gumi was grand patron. Organs - Da'wah Committee - National Working Committee -Committee for the Support of Orphans and Underprivileged - Directorate of Education - Dispute Resolution, Discipline and Jurisprudence Panel - Emergency Unit -National Mosque Monitoring Committee. - Publicity Department. - Manara Project Unit - Social Media Directorate And many others. Some Objectives of JIBWIS -To call on to the path of Allaaah peacefully and wisely. - To assist the poorest and needy. - To promote religious tolerance and inter faith dialogue for sustainable development. - and many others. ("Prophet (pbuh) said: “The affair of the believer is amazing. All of his affairs are good for him, and this only applies to the true believer. If something good happens to him, he immediately thanks God in prayer and he is rewarded for it. And if something bad happens to him, he bears it with prayers of patience and he is rewarded for it. The affair of the believer is truly amazing.”) (Sahih Muslim, 2999).

Jibwis Social Media

The team is headed by Malam Ibrahim Baba Suleiman (an expert New Media journalist and global media professional) as National Director with coordinators from across state and local chapters of the organization in the country. All JIBWIS Social Media handles are maintained and monitored through this agency for effective, focused social media presence.

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